About Arcoris


Situated on an ample 6-acre footprint, the 1.5 million square foot freehold development of Arcoris Mont'Kiara integrates 5 communities of business suites, SOHO, serviced residences, retail and hotel.

The communities are seamlessly integrated yet distinctly set apart through sensible planning, creating easeful spatial delineation.

To one end, the entire northern block functions as a purely residential unit, while the south tower on the other end integrates the hotel with the other communities.

The architectural approach draws on the appropriate technology and innovation, including walled gardens and courtyard that helps to create a better green community.


Edgy, contemporary and designed to accommodate the current live-work trend, Arcoris SOHO is the perfect living option for the young and ambitious.

With a wide range of layout options, and sizes ranging from 450 to 1000 sf, Arcoris SOHO presents a unique expression of individuality and privacy. The development supports all its communities with a range of stellar facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, and a host of urban conveniences such as a crèche, playground and launderette.


As befitting of the prestigious Mont'Kiara address, Arcoris Serviced Residences offers luxurious serviced residences ranging from 850 sf studios to generous 2,000 sf 3-bedroom homes.

Set apart from the other communities and occupying its own tower, the serviced residences are designed as spacious, individualistic living spaces with the hallmarks traditionally associated with landed properties.


The public spaces that form the heart of Arcoris Mont'Kiara are built on a beautifully-landscaped courtyard, terraced with upper and lower plazas that are encircled by shops, cafes and restaurants, and dotted with lush landscaping.

Built with the premise of "a garden for everyone" the walled gardens of Arcoris Plaza are envisioned to brighten the lives of residents, business owners as well as the public.


The jewel in the crown of Arcoris Mont'Kiara is undoubtedly its first ever hotel in the Mont'Kiara enclave. Beautifully designed to reflect the global nature of the community and to incorporate the greenery-centred focus of the development, the hotel will definitely be the talk of town.

Highlights of the 275-room boutique hotel include lush roof gardens on every floor, uniquely themed room interiors, and quite possibly the best views in Mont'Kiara thanks to its rooftop facilities deck.