About Mont’ Kiara Damai

The architecture of Damai is designed along a vernacular tropical impressions theme. Invoking a Balinese style, it is however is more simplified and modern in details. The adventure begins with the stone nautilus inlay on a rugged bomanite imprint, reminiscent of the packed earth of a rural driveway.

Driving up to the Porte Cochere, a domesticated architecture façade bathed in earthy stone tones and pastel hues motivates the senses. Water is an essential part of the Damai landscape. It appears in the form of floating water bodies spanned by timber bridges, fountains, lotus ponds and water cascades that herald a soothing atmosphere.

A feeling of uncluttered, soothing space is achieved, as the environment flows inward into the softly bathed structures. Large sunken verandahs are exposed to balmy breezes and scented plants, making them seen like a natural extension of the landscape. A natural palette of warm stone grays, chengal and balau wood, tan and gold colour defines the overflowing décor of the residence. Contributing to the splendour are local pottery, rich ornately carved wood, vernacular baskets and other artifacts that transform the transitional spaces of the lobbies into one that is deeply personal and beautiful.